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Hire Tricia for your next women's night, conference, retreat, or any time you need a true message of hope in the midst of difficult things delivered with passion and conviction of one who has lived it.

         Suggested Topics:

- Hope In All Things
- Create The Life You Love
- The Heart Of A Woman
- Setting Healthy Boundaries
- Created For More
- Blessed To Be Broken
- What In The World Are You            Thinking?
 What I believe:

1 -  The Bible is God's inspired Word and is divinely authoritative.                                   9 - We need God's grace. There is no salvation without it.
2 -  There is only One God - The God of the Bible.                                                                10 - We are saved by faith in God alone.
3 -  God exists eternally in Three Persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.                      11 - Christ's death atoned for our sins & provided a way to God.
4 -  Human depravity - all are sinful & cannot please God by works alone.                  12 - Jesus Christ rose bodily from the grave.
5 -  Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.                                                                                        13 - Jesus Christ ascended, body and soul, to God.
6 -  Jesus Christ was perfect & remained sinless throughout His life.                             14 - Jesus Christ intercedes for us before the Father.
7 -  Jesus Christ was fully God                                                                                                     15 - Jesus Christ will return again to make all things right.
8 -  Jesus Christ was fully man. 
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