What is a Life Coach, anyway?

A Life Coach is someone who helps you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. Life coaches help so many people to release limiting beliefs, move through challenges, discover their core purpose and fulfill their cherished dreams that they may have once thought were impossible.

“Coaches have the ability to view things from afar — in what some call ‘helicopter vision’ — and to shed new light on difficult situations. Often they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills, and motivate.”

– CFO Magazine

Hi, friend! I'm so glad you're here! I'd love to talk to you about Life Coaching!

But first, it’s important for you to know a few thing about where my focus is in coaching so we can see if we're a good fit.

I coach Christian women who are experiencing some sort of obstacle, facing a huge hurdle, or just feeling stuck due to a loss, life-change, or transition, and need help and guidance in moving forward. The reason my coaching is to Christian women specifically is two-fold: 1) As a Christian, you have the power of the Holy Spirit within you to assist you in the processes to make lasting, impactful change. Galatians 5:16 say, “Walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.”, and 2) It is vital to apply the truth and precepts of the scriptures, to “walk by the Spirit” in your situation, and I need you to be able to want to.

You also need to know, I am not a therapist. If you have depression or anxiety that requires medication, or have had trauma that has resulted in PTSD, you will need to see a licensed counsellor or Psychiatrist. I'm happy to recommend someone.

Life Coaching requires your full participation. We’re going to be doing some work! It’s my goal to get you over this hump, through this obstacle, or out of this pit you’re stuck in to move forward as quickly as possible. It’s active, everyday work, first, to become aware of ourselves, and then second, to transform our minds and thinking. We will do this all with the help of our heavenly Father. I will begin and end our session together each time with prayer, because I believe inviting Him into the situation will be of great benefit.

Lastly, we’ll be addressing all 3 parts of your human nature: the body, the soul (mind, will, and emotions), and the spirit. It would be very helpful if you would listen to my podcast, Another Beautiful Life, episode #2 Mind, Body, Spirit Wholeness so you can get an understanding of what we focus on in Life Coaching. You can find the podcast tab at the top of this page.

If after you read this and feel like we might be a good fit, please send me a message via the Contact tab and we can set up a consult call. If you're not in my local area, no worries! We can set up meetings via Zoom. Otherwise, meetings are held in my home office, unless you'd rather set up online meetings. I'm flexible!

Ok, send me a message so we can see if we're a good fit! Let's get going!

Testimonials ~

I found Tricia just when I hit rock bottom in my marriage. She helped me see those places where I had been believing lies and gave me the tools to work through my issues that kept me from loving my husband the way I really wanted to. I'm so grateful for her patience and compassion with me. My husband and I are doing well and are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary next month.        - S. Brown

Honestly, I wasn't sure if Life Coaching was for me. It's not always easy for me to open up. But just after our first session together, I felt like a load of bricks was lifted off my shoulders. Tricia has a knack for listening without judgement, which put me at ease right away. After one mini-session, I signed up for another. My life has been changed. Thank you, Tricia!         - Mom of Four

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