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Have you ever said, "Is this really all there is to life"?  

I have.


Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life?

I have, too. 

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling numb to the world.

Maybe we've lost our passion. Maybe we've never found it. 

Maybe things have so changed in our life that we don't even know how to dream anymore. 

Did you know that this is not the kind of life God intended for you to be living?

As a daughter of the King, He has given you a unique purpose - something only YOU can offer the world. 

This workshop is designed to wake you up to your big, beautiful life God has in store for you.

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Well, some of us are seriously asleep.

We’ve been lulled to sleep by laziness, or fear, or thoughts like “it just doesn’t matter anymore” or “nothing will ever change” or “I just don’t have what it takes to make things different.”  


And there’s a real problem with that.

Because God desires for you to live a life full of satisfaction and love and purpose.

That’s your true self.

And it’s your true self that we need to wake up and show her how to live her very best life; how to live with a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment; how to live in her God-given, God-designed purpose. 


Are you ready? 

Are you ready to wake up every morning with excitement, with focus, planting your feet on a purposeful path?  


Great! Me, too!

Register below and get ready to change your life!


Thursday, January 25th
Friday, January 26th
11a - 12n CT

Registration Closed

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