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About the F.I.X. Your Husband Mini-Course

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Hi, I'm Tricia. And I've discovered something about being in a relationship with a man as a smart, strong, and independent woman. What I learned blew my mind and altered everything I believed about my marriage and my partnership with my husband. After years of (on and off) couples therapy, which NEVER left us in a good spot, this eye opening information changed everything.


So, maybe you're where I was...

Maybe something is “off” with your relationship with your husband. It’s just not what it used to be, or turning out the way you thought it would.


Maybe you wish your husband would behave a little differently or show up in your relationship differently. 


Maybe you’re at the end of your options and you’re looking for a last-ditch effort, thinking “I’ll try anything if someone will just FIX him!”


You think He is distant, uncommunicative, spends more time at the office than at home, isn’t cooperating in the household responsibilities, isn’t stepping up as the leader in your relationship or household, acts jealous, questions you, too quiet and submissive or passive, acts childish and misbehaves.


And you’re here because you’re wanting to know how to F.I.X. him. 

I will teach you exactly what you need to know to finally turn things around in your marriage. At the end of the mini-course, you will have the tools you need to make small, subtle shifts that will elicit massive change in your husband. 

What I’m going to teach you in this proven, short, but power packed 4-module mini-course is probably totally opposite of what you’ve learned. The first time you read a teen magazine and it told you "How to catch and keep your man." Sadly, it had a lot of suggestions of how to manipulate him into wanting you. And now you’ve got him, so you just have to keep trying to manipulate him into what you want. But that’s not working. In fact, the more you try to manipulate or mold him the more he pulls away from you. I guess the magazines never told you that part. I’m going to teach you somethings about men that are going to open up a whole new understanding into why he does what he does (and by the way, he always has a good reason why he does what he does. We just may not be able to figure it out).


What I'm going to teach you will enable you to have cooperation and partnership with him like never before. Are you ready???


If you’re used to being in control or taking control because you think you have to (otherwise everything would fall apart), some of what I’m going to teach you may make you feel vulnerable and out of control. Honestly, the control you were feeling before was a false sense of control.


F.I.X. Your Husband is about turning your love life around. And this means completely reversing everything you’ve been doing up to now that hasn’t been working. But it doesn’t mean you’ll have to do a lot of work, or that it’s going to require you to pretend or even change your amazing, strong self. In fact, small simple shifts in the words you choose and your body language is all it takes to bring more affection and adoration to your love life. 

This course is not intended to change who you are as a smart, strong, independent woman!



It’s intended help you bring out the best in your man so you can get the best from him. The beauty of this course is that he doesn’t even have to be involved or know you’re doing it. Because what I’m going to teach you is going to bring out an instinctual response for your man. He won’t be able to help but respond in the ways God has designed him - to provide, to protect, and take care of you.

What are you waiting for? Let's F.I.X. Your Husband and get you the marriage you've longed for NOW!

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