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F.I.X. Your Husband

  • "I bought a rent house and my husband said he didn’t want to be involved at all. He said he was too busy and that I was going to have to handle all the maintenance on the house, etc. NOW he’s taking the lead and doing everything the house needs in order to rent it out. He’s doing everything and not wanting me to do it. He wants to take charge. He’s so happy and proud to be doing it."

  • "My husband was not the spiritual leader in our household. In fact, he didn’t really take the lead anywhere except that he’s been an awesome provider for our family, financially. I went home and tried the first thing Tricia taught me and it produced immediate results. Almost like he couldn’t help but step up into that leadership position. Then implemented the second step and I could visibly see his chest get bigger. Puffed up, like he was proud. NOW he’s taking the initiative with prayer, even with a large group at our house this weekend. I thought back to the weekend before when we had several pastors and families and I jumped in to pray, not even thinking he would take the initiative. Now, he’s taking the lead in our family prayer time."

  • "My husband has grown up reading the Bible. He gets on his knees before bed each night and says his prayers. I grew up in a denomination where we didn’t have our own personal Bibles, so I’m not as familiar with it as he is. I want to be, but I’m so embarrassed to ask him for help. I am a very strong, independent person and I’m used to taking care of myself, and I think I’ll feel or look weak. But now I want that kind of intimacy with my husband. With Tricia’s help, my husband and I are now praying TOGETHER at bedtime. I have a closer intimacy with him now, but am also noticing it’s bringing me closer to God." 

  • "My husband is really quiet when we’re around other people. He’s even quite quiet with me. NOW he’s talking all the time. I didn’t think his being quiet was an issue before. I just thought that’s how he was. But I didn’t realize how much I was taking FROM him and deciding for us. NOW he’s talking and including me in decision-making. He’s taking the lead! He’s even stepping up in other places of leadership as our families’ protector in ways I never even imagined. Our teenage daughter was going to babysit for one of his co-workers. My husband took the initiative to call the guy and told him he was going to bring dinner in order to avoid the dangers that a young girl may face receiving food delivery at night. His chest is really puffed up!" 

  • "I’ve been having issues with my car for a while now. I kept saying I just need to take it to the local shop and let them patch it up. Since I’ve been using the tools Tricia taught me to bring out the best in my husband so I could get the best FROM him, things have really been changing around my house. Today, he surprised me with a brand new vehicle! He was so proud to be able to be my hero."

  • "Life is easier. He seems very calmWe have a connection that we haven’t had in 25 years. He’s also more present with me." 

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