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Welcome to the
Another Beautiful Life Group Coaching
for current and past clients only!

This Group Coaching Membership is only available for past and present Another Beautiful Life coaching clients. It's designed just for you to give you support as you move forward. It is a community of supportive, like-minded Christian women who will be continuing forward with the tools they have already learned.

You will have accountability to stay in your "agency" and power, process and control emotions, walk in confidence, stay in your true value and worth, and walk in your God-given purpose. It will also be the perfect space for you to get all the new teaching that I continue to add to my Life Coaching practice. 

Each bi-monthly one-hour live session will begin with teaching concepts, then I will open it up to coaching. I will coach as many people as time allows. 
 If you don't get coached one week, the support you will get from watching someone else get coached will still prove invaluable.

The coaching sessions will be held live via Zoom. You will also be admitted into the private Facebook group that will serve as a community support system, and as a way to get some of your questions answered as we go along. If you're unable to make it to the call one week,  the replay of the week's live coaching session will be there, as well, so that you don't miss a thing. 

Here are the nitty-gritty details: 

- Group Coaching Sessions will be held on the first and third Monday at 2p (CST) of every month. Adjustments will be made for holidays. 

- Membership cost is $97/month. You may cancel and rejoin anytime. Note: If you signed up at the Founder's rate but then cancel your membership, to rejoin you will be charged the current monthly rate. 

ABL Group Coaching Membership



Every month


Valid until canceled

Bi-Monthly Group Life Coaching

What my past Group Coaching clients have to say.png

"Before group coaching I struggled with low self esteem and a lot of fear. The Lord revealed even more struggles while going through the sessions.

Group coaching helped me with finding my voice when it comes to family and setting boundaries. Tricia has given me tools to solve problems/ struggles, emotional issues and getting to the root cause of my thoughts or emotions.

I love how Tricia is neutral in all situations and stories being told in the sessions. She isn’t judgmental at all but very honest and real in the advice she gives and it always comes from a place of love.

After going through group coaching I feel so much more in tune with my feelings and emotions. I have the tools to go through a situation well. The Lord has used Tricia’s Coaching to allow me to pinpoint where my fears come from which was important to Him because it gave me freedom in Him! 

It feels amazing to grow, to learn about myself, to heal and to be able to walk and speak in confidence because of the healing The Lord allowed through Tricia. I’m so thankful for Tricia and how much she truly wants to see women walking in freedom & The Lord wants that for us too!"



"I flew into Tricia’s first coaching group thinking I knew what I wanted to work on…..fix everyone else!  Well, six weeks later, I was loaded with so much information to help me fix MYSELF first and get my brain headed in the right direction.  Tricia has a way of getting to the bottom of whatever the problem might be….in a logical, non-judgmental way.  I really enjoyed being in a group, even though I did not know a thing about anyone else and their reasons for joining.  It did not feel at all intrusive to listen to others’ situations or have them listen to mine. I learned alot from the other members as Tricia coached them and I listened.  We all had our turn with plenty of time to address the things on our minds. It seemed to be a very effective way to run a group.  Tricia knows how to “cut to the chase” better than anyone I’ve ever dealt with.  She has been well-trained, and her coaching is all wrapped up in God’s loving hands. I am going to come away from my experience with lots of printed info to refresh my mind.  If I can follow her coaching, I can indeed have “another beautiful life”!"

"I was the only widow in the group (besides Tricia) and I wasn't sure I would be able to relate to the other ladies. But what I found out was that everything that was talked about and all the tools we learned applied to every circumstance, not just specifically one. Listening to the other ladies get coached helped me every time. Regardless of the topic. This was the best investment I've made for myself! And I made some new friends!" 


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