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Are you in the depths of the "Dark Night of the Soul"? 
You've been crushed to the core. And you're not sure if there's hope for anything good ahead. If you've been there, or are there now, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I help women who are experiencing this darkness - for various reasons - find their way to freedom and create the life they love using Christian principles and values.

It's possible for you, too, my friend, to have another beautiful life!



What it's like to work with me


As a Life Coaching client, you will learn how to gain back control of your emotions that seem to be running away with you. You'll become a woman who is able to face even the most challenging circumstances, feeling empowered with clarity you may feel you have lost. 
I will walk beside you, teaching you my step-by-step process so that you'll feel confident and excited about creating another beautiful life for yourself. 

Together, we'll expose the lies that are keeping you stuck. We will reframe stories of the past, discover your beliefs about yourself, your future, and your relationship with God, and use all the tools we have to transform your mind to believing in and operating out of truth.
We'll navigate to remove anything that's keeping you from living a beautiful life, regardless of whether or not your circumstances change.

The work we do together will position you to bravely move forward in relationships with others and yourself; to confidently solve problems, take actionable steps, and tackle any goals you may have; to trust yourself to make decisions for your present and your future; to approach your emotions with awareness, grace, and compassion so that you get the inner healing you need. 

Finally, you'll be able to have your own back, even when you feel like no one else does. You'll learn to explore and set healthy boundaries for yourself. No more people pleasing. No more co-dependency.
By working with me and moving through this process, you'll come away stronger than you've ever been, more brave, and equipped handle all that life throws at you. 

About Me

In 2017, after the tragic death of my husband of 30 years, I found myself in a place of despair, overwhelm, and vulnerability like I had never experienced before.

I had no idea how I would go on, much less believe I could live a beautiful life again. 

Brian was my best friend, and we did everything together.

When he died, I felt like I died with him. All our dreams died, too. I just knew my life was over. 

But God met me there in the midst of the darkness and despair and whispered, "Tricia, you can have another beautiful life. It may not look like the life you'd hoped or dreamed. But it can be good and it can be beautiful." 


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Jen's coaching experience

"Since about the time of the delivery of my second child, (24 years ago) I began to develop symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks and claustrophobia. By 2021, I was riddled with fear that I could no longer go to the grocery store by myself, sit through a church service or commit to any major events, because I didn't know how I would feel on any given day. When I reached out to Tricia in October 2021 I didn't know if she could help me, but I felt the Lord leading me to her. I began her 12 week program and by week 3, I was able to go to the store and sit through a church service. By week 4, I went to a women's weekend retreat! The tools that Tricia gave me help me redirect my brain towards new thought patterns and behaviors. Tricia is a godly, no-nonsence coach with practical advice and biblical counsel. She has changed my life, and I'm so grateful that the Lord used her for my healing."

~ Eunice Schmidt

"As an athlete in my youth, and a sports coach as an adult, I have a certain mindset about coaching. As an athlete, I learned to appreciate my coach pushing me to do things I may not have liked or wanted to do - running sprints, skill drills over and over, practicing plays…you get the point. As I grew as an athlete, I saw how those simple things over and over is what made me a great athlete and able to compete successfully in games - what once was hard had become natural, and I was freed to play with passion and fun. That's what Tricia's coaching has done for me in life. The skills she teaches are few and simple. No matter where I tried to wander off, she would constantly bring me back to the work - the skills, and keep running me through the drills just like at sports practice. I was kind of a slow learner, but she was so patient with me, and never once seemed frustrated, which meant a lot to my insecure heart. Over time the skills became more ingrained and I was beginning to feel the freedom they brought me. I had a week where everything was put to the test - it was game time! What once would have made made me crumble under the weight and pressure, was actually enjoyable and fun! With Tricia's coaching I have so much freedom and JOY, in circumstances that were once crushing and grief-filled."

~ Katrina R. 

"I was stuck in a rut and just totally unaware of how to break free from a pattern of false belief that had kept me in destructive or unhealthy patterns of behavior. Tricia took me under her guidance in a time when I was very hurt and hurting the very ones that were trying to help. She was gracious and loving, yet firm - showing me the Grace and Love of God. When I was in pain and felt alone, she supported me. I learned to feel safe, loved, and connected - with others and with Christ. Those life lessons she taught me during my most difficult times help me now, and I continue to grow in my personal, spiritual, and professional life.

If this resonates with you, I strongly suggest allowing Tricia Zody to walk with you in this life journey. Tricia brings her gifts of unconditional love, grace, and biblical principles to life in such an authentic place that is powerful and effective."   

- Patti Funk

"Having Tricia for a life coach has been a True Blessing from God. Her encouragement, direction and understanding of The Bible helped guide me towards a more Purpose Driven Life. If you feel Like something is missing in your life or Spiritual life, Tricia can help set you on the path to freedom and healing through coaching and prayer."  

 - LynEllen Clary


"I found Tricia just when I hit rock bottom in my marriage. She helped me see those places where I had been believing lies and gave me the tools to work through my issues that kept me from loving my husband the way I really wanted to. I'm so grateful for her patience and compassion with me. My husband and I are doing well and are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary next month."       

- S. Brown

"Honestly, I wasn't sure if Life Coaching was for me. It's not always easy for me to open up. But Tricia has a knack for listening without judgment, which put me at ease right away. There was so much pressure and stress in my life, and after our first session together I felt like a load of bricks was lifted off my shoulders. My life has been changed and I'm able to handle things now with so much more peace. Thank you, Tricia!"  

- Mom of Four

“Tricia is such a blessing and so is Another Beautiful Life Coaching. She taught me simple exercises and gave me the tools I needed to help process my thoughts and circumstances. I feel better prepared to face any hardship that comes my way and I thank Tricia for that!”

- Cassie Schotanus