​7 original worship songs, written and sung by Tricia Zody.

We Love You                                                   

Hope is Alive
You Are My God

Let Your Kingdom Come

Sing of Love

You Are Good

All This For You

When writing for this worship project, I had decided that I was only going to record those songs that just had to be fillers! So, since 7 is the perfect number, you'll find seven of the most current, fresh worship songs written. These are songs that any church across the globe could sing and each person could relate to. The album starts off with a contemporary rock-worship sound, and then moves to more contemplative worship. The final song and album title, All This For You, is a worship song that allows the worshiper a time to hand over to God all that they are, all that they are not, and all that they hope to be. The CD, then, becomes the perfect worship set from start to finish.

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You Are My God Video ⓒ 2009
Tricia Zody ⓒ 2007
This is Tricia's self-entitled, debut CD consisting of 10 original songs:

Song list:

You Are
Forever Give You Praise
I Will Not Forget
Rain Down On Me
Coming Closer
If Only
Holy, Holy is the Lord
You and You Alone
Lift Him Up