Tricia is a multifaceted woman of passionate faith and contagious enthusiasm for both the Lord and life.

     As a worship leader, Tricia expresses an impassioned and energetic style of worship that inspires honest praise, and then encourages others to follow her to the throne of God with ease. Her delivery is honest and real, bridging the gap of generations of worshipers.

     As a songwriter, Tricia creatively exposes the goodness of Jesus Christ through her lyrics and honors Him with uncompromising truths. Her music delivers topics illustrating a heart thirsty for God and a hunger to share the Good News with those who seek Him.

     As a speaker, Tricia utilizes the ups and downs of life to fully expose the character of God and His activity found in all of our lives. Her focus is real life issues, which both make us laugh and make us cry.

     Whether Tricia is standing before a small, intimate crowd, or in a large venue, her transparency and love for God shines through the music and message, ultimately pointing others to the Father.

     On a personal note, Tricia adds:
"Personally, I have experienced the unconditional grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have seen the work of His hands in the midst of unbearable circumstances. I am undone by His amazing, abundant love. It is my privilege to be a vessel in which to impart the Good News: that God sent His Son, Jesus, to free us from sin, to make us worthy before God, to live eternally with Him, and to live an abundant life in the midst of a fallen world. He stands ready with arms outstretched for all that would fall at His feet. This is the passion of my heart. I hope you find that in these pages."

    Tricia's husband, Brian Zody, went to be with his Lord on August 5, 2017.  She is the mother of 3 beautiful, adult children, and resides in the Houston area.

Note Worthy


You Are My God was entered in two separate songwriting contests, both of which brought in over 300 songwriter hopefuls....and won first place in both!!!!
319 songs were entered in the 2009 Contemporary Christian Music Network International songwriting contest and "You Are My God" came out on top! The award will be given at their March Songwriting conference in Branson, MO in March.


After reviewing hundreds of songs submitted by Christian independent songwriters worldwide, INSPIRESONG is excited to announce the 10 finalists and the winner of the INSPIRESONG Song Search.

Keith Mohr states, “InspireSong is a great way to us to discover and recognize songwriters who are pursuing excellence in their craft, and helping them improve their songwriting skills. The prizes awarded to our finalists and winner by Cindy Wilt Colville are sure to help songwriters define and refine their unique and diverse gifts and talents.” Finalists are awarded a personal 3 song evaluation, (valued at $500 each), and the winner receives a songwriter development package from Cindy valued at $1500.00

The Grand Prize Winning Songwriter is: Tricia Zody. Congrats to Tricia on her excellent song, “You Are My God.”

Mohr adds, “We congratulate our finalists and winner, and all who entered the contest. All are worthy of the gift given to them by the master creator. We encourage all to create for the love of co-creating with the creator and to enjoy the process!”